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Tracy Keffer

Use flooring service from them for years for my properties and all real estate clients being a Realtor. They are fast response, show up on time, reasonable price and get the work done right the first time. I never have to go check on their work at the properties but just order on phone, waiting for the work done and pay on phone again. Talking about convenience and efficiency. Highly recommend!

James Howard

I recently bought a home to flip, and checked out Canal Flooring to see what they had to offer. Greg helped me pick out great carpet and flooring based on my needs. The install was smooth and all went well. I highly recommend Canal Flooring Outlet.


Three yrs ago, l had Canal Flooring Outlet install carpet in a rental as well as the basement family room of my home. l was so pleased with their work, l referred them to my daughter & l purchased more carpet this week for another rental unit, They're fast, efficient & professional, but be aware, you'll need to pay for your order, up front!

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